Unusual proposals to inspire your special moment

Any marriage proposal is a romantic moment to be remembered and cherished forever. But if you really want to knock your intended off their feet with something out of the ordinary, take a look at these unusual ways that others have popped the question.

Alex proposed to his girlfriend Steph while on honeymoon in Hawaii. The Yogi took her by surprise by popping the question while she was upside down and in the middle of a yoga move.

Canadian couple Jennifer and Troy kayaked to a remote spot to bury some personal items to look at in the future. Troy snuck out in the middle of the night to add a marriage proposal to the time capsule, which they opened five years later. Jennifer had no idea that the proposal had been on his mind for so many years, which made the proposal even more magical.

Volunteer firefighter Marshall proposed to his girlfriend Lia while shooting for a work training video. He invited her along to watch the video being recorded, before releasing a banner from the top of a burning building with his marriage proposal written on it.

Another boundary breaking proposal was staged in America, when the groom-to-be set up what looked like a robbery. Amid all the chaos and threats of violence, the “robbers” turned into a flash mob and burst into song, singing his proposal.

Chinese Pang Kun took his girlfriend unawares by gathering a group of his friends together and asking them all to  join him in dressing up as carrots (yep, you read that right). As if being bombarded by a bunch of human sized vegetables wasn’t enough, his unsuspecting loved one was then faced with them all shouting “Marry him!” in unison.

That’s nothing compared to what one poor Russian woman had to deal with, though. The girlfriend of Alexey Bykov was watching him drive his car, witnessing it turn into a horrific crash right before her eyes. What she didnt realise was that it wasn’t Alexey in the car at all and that he’d hired a stuntman and director to make the terrifying events unfold. Alexey emerged from the wreckage to pop the question to his distraught girlfriend, who somehow managed to muster the energy to say yes.

If good old fashioned serenading’s more your thing, you might be inspired by radio DJ Pete Simson who made his own cheeky version of Daniel Bedingfield’s hit If You’re Not The One. Pete stripped down to his underpants to mime to the song, broadcasting his special message on a big screen to the surprise (and embarrassment) of his girlfriend.

The next unusual proposal is one for the computer geeks out there. One big fan of Nintendo took his hobby to the extreme by turning a building into Super Mario World, decorating the entire place, streaming the theme song on a loop and hiding an engagement ring in a price box. Luckily she was just as big a fan as he was, so she said yes – accompanied by a backdrop of fireworks.

Alexander Loucopoulos decided to take marriage proposals to an entirely new height by booking a special zero-gravity flight for him and his girlfriend. As they were floating weightlessly he popped the question, slipping the ring on her finger while they were still in the air.

If the beauty of the ocean is more your idea of the perfect place to propose, you’ll love what this guy did for his girlfriend. Choosing the National Marine Aquarium in Devon, UK, he turned a scuba diving adventure into a truly romantic experience. Amid the coral reefs and turquoise waters he got some scuba divers to sneak up behind his girlfriend, holding up a sign saying “Will you marry me?”

This video of Matt Still’s proposal to his girlfriend is perfect inspiration for anyone who’s in love with a film fan (and has plenty of cash to spare). During the trailer he popped the question on the big screen, before running down the aisle to finish his proposal on one knee.

They say love is a roller coaster, and that’s an idea that Lawrence Key took to the extreme. His unsuspecting girlfriend was next to him on a theme park ride, totally unaware of the fact that behind her on the roller coaster were a group of Lawrence’s friends holding up a sign saying ‘Will You Marry Me?’ It wasn’t until they picked up their souvenir photo that the penny dropped, and she said yes.

Crop circles used to be the subject of conspiracy theories and strange stories about aliens and witchcraft. One young lover changed all that by transforming a field in Wiltshire, UK into a giant marriage proposal by cleverly (and meticulously) arranging wood and masking tape.

One for the Trekkies: When a group of Star Trek enthusiasts all visited the Austin Wizard World Comic Con in America, only one of them knew that the event would also host a very OTT marriage proposal. This brave man infiltrated  a cast photo shoot to propose to his fellow Trekkie girlfriend, getting down on one knee in front of Patrick Stewart and other big stars.

Finally, Luke Jerram crafted a truly unique marriage proposal by collaborating with a vinyl record company and a high end jeweller to etch a 20 second recording into the ring itself. Played back on a tiny record player, the recording featured his proposal to his amazed girlfriend, who of course said yes.

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