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Ever since its inception, Dubai Sparkle has focused on providing customers with the most elegant and high quality diamond jewellery with prices that offer exceptional value compared to other high end jewellers or high street retailers.

Our designs aim to celebrate the extremely rich yet diverse culture of Dubai itself, and we strive to make your celebrations even better through our stunning designs to make you happy.

Our Dubai based artisans are masters of their craft and their diamond jewellery creations have defined the company and their enduring passion for innovation has turned Dubai Sparkle into a brand that is now appreciated by jeweller lovers globally.

Our Process

The designer’s first step is to choose the highest quality metal which is done primarily by checking the metal for its colour. The deeper and more natural the colour, the purer the metal is and special consideration is given to the fact that the metal does not age with time and that is done by performing various tests on the metal such as testing its melting and boiling point. Once the metal has been chosen we develop various sketches for the jewellery design, and out of a plethora of designs only the very best  are chosen which complement the heritage, culture and values of Dubai.

The sketch is then converted into a 2-dimensional or a 3-dimensional design using software like Photoshop, Illustrator, GIMP, Inkscape, Draw plus and much more. The design is further modified by using jewellery specific design software such as Jewel CAD, Matrix and Rhino jewel. Alongside picking the best metal for you, Dubai Sparkle also spends a great deal of finding the purest form of diamonds available guaranteeing that they are hundred percent original and certified.

The beauty lies in the detail

Back in the day jewellery was designed by hammer and chisel, today, thanks to the digital world, prototypes are digitally created and then converted into samples. A mould of this prototype is made after it is placed on rectangular mould and then a hot resin-like substance is poured over it.

The mould is then left to cool and once solidified, it is carefully cut into intricate designs. Soon after that hot wax is pumped into the mould under extremely high pressure and as soon as the wax decreases in temperature, the excess is peeled off and fused into a wax tree. This allows our highly qualified and professional artisans to set diamonds into each wax mould that were soldered onto the wax tree.

The wax mould is then placed in a blazing furnace where it is baked for at least 12 hours after which the molten wax is poured out and a hollow space is left behind. Next, the craftsmen very slowly begin to pour molten metal in the hollow space which on cooling is discarded leaving behind a rough metal cast. The metal cast is then sent for filing and finishing where they are buffed and levelled.

Finishing touches that bring out the beauty

Our quality inspectors ensure that the metal is smooth and so all dust flakes that had accumulated in the process are removed using automatic dust removers. Furthermore, if there are any other diamonds or stones that are to be added to the design, they are introduced, and if during the process any of the previously added diamonds lose shape or place, they are reset and fixed permanently, all of this being done through the most up to date and competitive machinery and skills-men. What further augments the jewellery design and presentation is the polishing, which adds the final shine and sparkle that we all adore the most.

We take great pride in our designs and the resulting Diamond jewellery which is exceptional, multi-cultured and welcoming as Dubai itself.


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