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Exquisite Rings Collection at Dubai Sparkle

Explore a wide range of diamond and gold rings available at Dubai Sparkle. You can find a ring for every occasion in our vast collection.

Dubai Sparkle features an array of exquisite, exotic and beautiful rings. Boasting high-quality, these rings can make for a perfect addition to any woman’s jewellery box. Whether you are looking for a diamond ring with a heart-shaped stone or a simple band to symbolise your relationship, you can find it at Dubai Sparkle – a name you can trust for high-quality rings at market-competitive rates.

Rings, particularly for engagement, weddings and anniversaries, hold special sentimental value for the couple. Therefore, it needs to be as special as the relationship is. And for this, there can be no better choice than Dubai Sparkle. Offering finest-quality rings in a range of categories, you can find just the right article that compliments her style and personality.

Our exclusive collection features engagement and wedding rings. We also have rings that are suitable for everyday wear. Available in white gold and yellow gold bands, you can select from an array of designs and styles that are unique, appealing and captivating. Each article in our collection exudes elegance and can make a bold style statement due to its glistening beauty, spark and sheen.

At Dubai Sparkle, you can easily buy a diamond and gold ring. All you have to do is to explore the collection available at our online jewellery store and place the order. The process is simple and straightforward. Your selected article will be delivered to your doorsteps within a few days after order confirmation.

Commonly Asked Questions About Rings

What are the Different Types of Rings?

Rings are available in a range of types. Among them, the most popular ones are diamond rings. They make for a classic choice, particularly as an engagement ring. However, you can also select them for any other special occasion. Gold rings are also fairly popular. They have been used for centuries among men and women. Other than that, moissanite rings, silver rings, platinum rings, birthstone rings and titanium rings are also popular choices among people.

What Ring should I Buy?

The type of ring you should buy depends a lot on your preference, budget and the purpose. In case if it’s a special occasion, you can buy a diamond ring. A gold ring can also be used for day to day wear. If you are planning to buy a ring to gift it to her, consider her style statement and the type of jewellery she likes.

How much do Rings Cost?

The cost of a ring depends on various factors. Among them, the metal and stone are the most prominent ones. It’s no secret that the diamond is an expensive gemstone. Therefore, any ring featuring a diamond would have a high cost. However, bear in mind that 4Cs (clarity, colour, cut and carat) of diamond influence the price. Furthermore, the metal used (white or yellow gold) also affects the cost. When it comes to gold rings, they are also expensive but not as much as diamond rings. Simple gold bands cost less as compared to fancies ones.

Should I buy a Diamond Ring or a Gold Ring?

Diamonds are eternal. There’s no doubt about that. However, gold has also a unique, unparalleled lustre. Making a selection between the two options can prove to be a tough choice. If you want to make a bold style statement, there’s no match to diamond rings. It gains everyone’s attention seamlessly. Gold rings, on the other hand, have a certain sheen that makes them stand out among the rest of jewellery articles. The major difference lies in their price as diamond rings are more expensive as compared to gold rings.
Other than rings in different categories, Dubai Sparkle’s online store also features bracelets, earrings and necklaces in a range of styles and designs.