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Stylish and Trendy Necklace Collection at Dubai Sparkle

Elegance and trendiness redefined with a premium collection of gold and diamond necklaces by Dubai Sparkle. Get high-quality necklaces at affordable rates.

Dubai Sparkle is proud to be the ultimate destination for high-quality necklaces and chokers. Available in gold and diamond, these necklaces are crafted to perfection and polished to have a sheen that will leave everyone in awe. Our premium collection of gold necklaces laced with stunning diamonds redefines elegance. You can style these necklaces in any way to create a flawless look and a spectacular persona. Each necklace in our collection is trendy, classy, and suitable for every occasion. They are simple yet fashionable at the same time. We also have luxury chokers that are suitable to be worn on special occasions.

Buying a diamond necklace can greatly disturb your budget but with Dubai Sparkle’s amazingly low rates, this won’t be a problem anymore. You can find a lavish necklace at up to 55% less rates as compared to high street jewellers. Other products we offer including rings, earrings, and bracelets are also available at lower rates as compared to the market. Explore our vast range of collections of different items and buy the most delicate, trendiest, and finest quality articles at the most budget-friendly rates you will find in Dubai.

Commonly Asked Questions About Necklaces

How much is a Gold Necklace in Dubai?

If you want to buy a gold necklace, Dubai is your ultimate destination. Although the government has imposed a 5% tax, yet the rates are comparatively lower here. The price of the gold necklace in Dubai depends on the major factor that you are buying it from a high street jeweller or a brand. Their business model also plays a major role in determining the price of the gold necklace. For example, some brands such as Dubai Sparkle directly source their articles from the manufacturer. Therefore, the rates are low.

Other important factors that influence the price of a gold necklace in Dubai include the quality of metal used and the design. Needless to say, a necklace with premium quality gold will cost more than the one with average or inferior quality gold. Furthermore, if the design is the latest, expect the rates to be on the higher side.

What is the Best Gold Necklace to Buy?

The answer to this question is quite simple. Buy a gold necklace that suits your personality and go with your style statement. Don’t pick a gold necklace just because it is trending. Keep your own style statement in mind when buying this piece of jewellery. Having said this, some of the popular choices among women for gold necklaces are chokers, y-styled, and pendant necklaces. Each type has its own beauty and depicts richness that is unparalleled.

What Necklace should I Buy?

If you want to opt for a minimalist look, go for a bar necklace. It is a delicate piece of jewellery that you can wear every day. The elegance it exudes also makes it perfect to be flaunted on various occasions. In case, you are looking for a necklace to flaunt a vibrant look, opt for a choker. They complement perfectly simple yet elegant outfits. For a classy and trendy look, buy a y-styled gold necklace. Ultimately, it all comes down to your personal choice and the occasion for which you are buying the necklace for.

If your budget allows, you can buy a diamond necklace. The grace and elegance it projects is unmatchable. The dazzling diamond pendant in such a necklace can leave anyone awestruck.

Should I Buy Diamond or Gold Necklace?

Both the gold and diamond necklace have their own set of perks. A gold necklace is flashier and vibrant while on the other hand, a diamond necklace leaves a subtle yet lasting impression. Diamond necklaces are more expensive while gold ones are comparatively cheaper. Ultimately, it all comes down to your personal preferences and budget. However, women mostly prefer diamond necklaces. A diamond necklace surges ahead of its gold counterpart if you are buying it for gift purposes. As they say, diamonds are a woman’s best friend. So, get a diamond necklace for her that she will cherish forever.

The offer to buy these magnificent pieces of jewellery is not only limited to the residents of Dubai. You can buy a diamond necklace no matter where you are located by placing an order at our online diamond and gold jewellery shop. With this facility to shop online, we offer enhanced convenience and comfort to our customers. So, select a white or yellow gold necklace with a glistering diamond now and get a 20% discount on your first order.