Interesting Facts about Diamonds – Part II

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A couple of weeks ago we wrote a piece full of interesting facts about diamonds, and it turned out there were more than we had room for!

So, just in case you didn’t already know how truly amazing diamonds really are, here are a few more facts to share with your friends and loved ones.

  • Every time you burn a candle, millions of microscopic diamond particles are produced. This was discovered by St Andrews University professor, Dr Wuzong Zhou, in 2011. According to Dr Zhou, around 1.5 million diamond nanoparticles are created for every second a candle flame burns, making the whole idea of a romantic candle-lit evening even more special. Of course, the diamond particles only last for a second and burn away, but knowing this fact might just change the way you see candles forever.
  • People used to believe that licking a diamond was dangerous, even causing death. This is not true and diamonds are not toxic, but it’s still not a good idea to put one in your mouth. Accidentally swallowing a diamond can be fatal, due to the sharp edges!
  • Diamonds are not forever… The world’s natural diamonds are running out, and unless new sources can be found it looks like they will be much harder to come by in the future. While there are some pretty good artificial diamonds being made in high tech labs, if you want the real deal it’s sensible to invest now, before these precious gems become extinct.
  • Although diamonds are seen as colourless, this isn’t always the case. Diamond experts can see different colours in the gems, including blue tints that are created by boron molecules and yellowish tones made from nitrogen.
  • Truly colourless diamonds are graded D, E and F, according to their transparency.
  • It’s customary to wear engagement rings on the “ring finger”. This dates back to ancient Egypt, when people believed that the vena amoris (the vein of love) runs from the heart to the tip of the fourth finger on the left hand.
  • The term “carat” comes from the carob bean, which was used in ancient times as a measure of weight.
  • Diamonds lose around half their original weight once they have been cut and polished.
  • When given as a good luck talisman, a diamond is considered to bring the wearer strength, faith and courage.
  • A rough diamond looks a lot like a pebble, which is why mining for diamonds is such an important and skilled job.
  • The science of working with gemstone materials such as diamonds is known as gemology.
  • Round cut diamonds only have 57 or 58 facets, while “brilliant cut” diamonds have the most sides – and therefore the brightest sparkle.
  • The largest diamond ever found weighed a huge 3106 carats.
  • The first ever known diamond engagement ring was given by Archduke Maximilian of Austria to Mary of Burgundy, in 1477.
  • Diamonds are four times harder than sapphires and rubies.
  • Australia now produces a higher volume of diamonds than any other country in the world.
  • Only 2% of diamonds are considered to be completely flawless.
  • Because diamonds are formed deep within the earth’s crust, they are around three billion years old.
  • Under 20% of all the diamonds that are mined are considered to be of a high enough quality for use in jewellery. The rest are used to make tools, machinery, computer chips and protective eyewear.
  • The Eureka diamond was the first diamond ever discovered in South Africa, back in 1867. It was found by a 15-year-old boy called Erasmus Stephanus Jacobs, who exclaimed “Eureka!” – a word with Greek origin that translates to “I found it!”

Diamonds are truly precious and beautiful gems that are older than we could possibly comprehend, which makes them the perfect token of love.

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