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Diamonds are always a talking point, and here at Dubai Sparkle we love to keep up with all the celebrity gossip about our favourite gems. Here’s what’s new in the world of diamonds, according to our friends in Tinsel Town.

Queen B herself was snapped wearing an elegant black strapless dress and layers of stunning diamonds as Michelle Obama presented her with the BET Humanitarian Award.

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We think Beyonce would love the stunning Hesperia necklace; a sleek, classic piece that makes a real statement. Featuring four lines of glittering round cut diamonds set in a rectangular block and suspendedon an 18c white gold chain, it’s the perfect combination of bling and elegance. Check it out here

The Euphrosyne is another piece that’s fit for a Queen, with four layers of round cut diamonds on an 18ct rose gold chain. This exquisite necklace is inspired by Dubai influences, so if you’re looking for a glitzy, glamorous piece for someone special take a look here


Or, if you’re looking for some Beyonce inspired jewelry at a more affordable price point, the Markabe is a snip at just $529.  Inspired by the unique architecture of Dubai, this beautiful pendant is a real showstopper and features emerald cut and round cut diamonds suspended on an 18ct white gold chain.  See it for yourself here

Of course, if you’re really looking for a way to outdo Beyonce, it’s worth considering layering several of our stunning diamond necklaces together!

Khloe Kardashian
The reality TV star and entrepreneur celebrated her 36th birthday with a new brunette look, but it was the pear-shaped rock she was sporting in her Instagram posts that really got people talking. It’s thought that her boyfriend Tristan Thompson has popped the question with this incredible diamond ring, so there could be a new celebrity wedding on the way.

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Khloe Kardashian’s engagement pear shaped engagement ring is an incredible piece, but that doesn’t mean its stunning looks are out of your reach. We think our Amalthea ring is just as beautiful, with its huge teardrop shaped rock surrounded by a glittering halo of white gold and diamonds. Inspired by the amazing Dubai skyline, it’s a piece that’s sure to turn heads. Take a look here


Our Auriqa ring is another sensational piece, featuring a single teardrop shaped diamond in the middle surrounded by a halo of diamonds, and even more diamonds on the band. It’s the perfect engagement ring for elegant women who love sparkle – see for yourself here

The Dione ring may come in at just $769, but it looks much more expensive. Featuring a cluster of diamonds surrounding a stunning teardrop shaped diamond on an 18ct white gold band, it’s a captivating piece that’s sure to make her say “Yes!” Check it out here

Priyanka Chopra
Her engagement ring is one of the most beautiful sparklers to adorn any celebrity’s finger, featuring a timeless design with a cushion cut diamond set in platinum. But it seems that Priyanka Chopra can’t get enough of our favourite precious stones, and she has her own stash of diamonds to choose from at home. Most recently she was seen sporting an incredible Bulgari necklace and earrings at the 2020 Golden Globes, and there are countless pics of her wearing her favourite pieces to be found online.

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Our exquisite Cybele bracelet is the ultimate in understated glamour, with an 18ct gold bracelet encrusted with round diamonds. It’s perfect for women who desire the finest things in life but don’t have to shout about it, so if elegant luxury is your thing, you’ll love it. See the Cybele here


Our Laetitia earrings are the perfect finishing touch to a red-carpet outfit, featuring a 2.49 diamond encrusted sphere and a petal designed back. These beautiful earrings sparkle from every possible angle. You can buy them here

Looking for a timeless diamond piece without breaking the bank? Our elegant Serpentina necklace is deceptively affordable at just $389. Featuring a beautiful round cut diamond in an 18ct white gold teardrop pendant, it’s sleek, classy and wonderfully sparkly. See for yourself here

Heather Locklear
She may be close to 60, but Heather Locklear is still making waves on the celebrity circuit and looking just as fabulous as she did in her heyday. Now the Dynasty, Melrose Place and Spin City Star is reportedly engaged to her boyfriend Chris Heisser and has been spotted wearing a huge diamond ring. The ring, which is estimated at 3 to 3.5 carats and is cut into a large oval shape set on a platinum or white gold band, has been estimated to be worth between $45,000 and $85,0000.

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If you love Heather’s diamond ring, take a look at our stunning Mimosa piece. This incredible engagement ring features a stunning double halo of round cut diamonds surrounding a show stopping teardrop diamond, set on an elegant white gold band.  See it here


Or perhaps the dazzling Bellatrix is more your cup of tea? This is a classic piece with more than its fair share of bling, featuring an incredible diamond surrounded by two layers of smaller diamonds on an 18ct white gold band. See for yourself here

The Thebe is an oval shaped collection of diamonds set on an 18ct white gold band, delivering a very similar effect to the Locklear ring at a mere fraction of the price. Check it out here

Emma Krokdal
Bodybuilder, model, action hero and Rocky 4 actor Dolph Lundgren has become engaged to girlfriend Emma Krokdal, proposing with a stunning diamond engagement ring. The engagement has led to Dolph being attacked by online trolls due to the almost 40 year age gap between him and his fiancé, but one thing people do agree on is that it’s a pretty impressive rock.  Featuring a pink, rectangular gem surrounded by smaller diamonds, it’s not the average engagement ring – but then this isn’t the average couple!

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If, like Dolph and Emma, you like engagement rings that are a little bit different, you’ll fall in love with the gorgeous Halley. This unique looking piece is a real conversation starter, because it’s one ring that’s split into three pieces, cleverly intertwined. Featuring an emerald cut diamond that secures the three 18ct yellow gold bands together, it’s a really contemporary looking ring for those who like to do things a little bit differently. See it for yourself here


The Electra ring features three beautiful emerald cut diamonds, surrounded by a sparkling border of smaller diamonds set in a stunning rectangle. The 18ct white gold band is encrusted with diamonds too, for superb sparkle from every angle.  Take a look at the Electra ring here

Or, how about the delightfully different Gienah, that combines vintage charm with contemporary styling?  With an elegant oval diamond surrounded by an array of smaller diamonds set on an 18ct yellow gold band, it’s a snip at just $579. See for yourself here

Georgina Rodriguez
Never one to shy away from publicity, the football superstar has now got tongues wagging after sharing pics with his model girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez. The couple posted snaps as they relaxed on a £15 million yacht, but all eyes were on Georgina’s spectacular square cut diamond ring.

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A modern take on the princess cut, the Crux offers plenty of glitz and glamour. This stunning engagement ring features seven paved diamonds on each side of the encrusted halo, with a combination of emerald cut and round cut diamonds in the middle. For added sparkle. The 18ct white gold band is studded with diamonds too – check it out here


Combining classic design with contemporary glamour, the Alcyonea is worthy of any A lister. This stunning ring is a marvel of geometric design, with eight sides of sparkling diamonds arranged in a cluster. See it here

The Capella is a true classic, with a centerpiece of six emerald cut diamonds surrounded by four smaller ones, set on a diamond encrusted white gold band.  Check out this modern take on a classic here



Here at Dubai Sparkle we offer a huge collection of styles, shapes and sizes to suit every budget and we’re always happy to help you make the right choice. Contact our friendly team of diamond jewellery experts today!


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