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Celebrity Gossip & Interesting Facts about Diamonds

Everyone loves diamonds, especially the rich and famous so here are some insights into the world of the celebrities as well as an array of interesting facts curated just for you!

Gemma Collins Seen Shopping For Diamonds
TOWIE star Gemma was spotted enjoying some post-lockdown shopping with her mum and a couple of friends a couple of weeks ago, paying particularly close attention to the shop’s stunning diamond collection.

We know how much Gemma loves her bling, so we’d be delighted to show her some of our sparkliest pieces in our online store – like these super shiny Sappho earrings.

Diamond Found in American State Park
A lusky visitor found a large diamond in a state park in Arkansas, USA last month. Dr Mindy Pomtree was walking in the park in June when she discovered a 6.39 carat diamond. She didn’t know for sure that the large, shiny stone was a diamond, but when she took it to a specialist she had her hopes confirmed. This is one of many diamonds found in the park, which is built in a crater. Find out more here

Mila Kunis’ Bank Breaking Gem Facial
Celebrities are always getting wild and wacky beauty treatments, but this one really caught our eye. Hollywood star Mila is reported to be a big fan of the gemstone facial, which involves having diamonds and rubies rubbed over your face while you suck on an ice cube. It’s said to revive the complexion and boost radiance, but at £7,000 a go it’s not for the faint hearted.

Diamonds Aren’t Just A Girl’s Best Friend
Times are changing, and so is the way we look at diamonds. Celebrity jeweller Ali Lalini, known as Franky Diamond, thinks it’s time we gave men a chance to enjoy a bit of sparkle too, and he’s at the front of a hot new trend that’s taking over Tinseltown. Diamond rings are becoming increasingly popular, revolutionizing the jewelry industry with lots of glittering images on Instagram – check them out with the #mensdiamonds and #mensrings hashtags.

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The head turning Denebola ring is perfect for anyone who loves to sparkle, not just the girls! Featuring eight layers of 3.69 cut diamonds on an 18ct yellow gold band, it’s a real statement piece that’s worthy of any Instagram story. Check it out here

Or how about the stunning Naiad ring instead? With seven layers of exquisite diamonds on an 18ct white gold band, it’s the perfect way to say that diamonds can be a boy’s best friend too! You can buy the Naiad ring here

Live Jewellery Auctions Are Back
After months of lockdown and online auctions, Sotheby’s has relaunched live bidding with a new auction held in Geneva on 23rd June. Part II Magnificent Jewels & Nobel Jewels – Geneva was originally meant to happen in May, but the Covid-19 outbreak led to the event being postponed. With some truly incredible diamond pieces in the bidding, we think you’ll agree it was worth the wait. The star of the show was a 3.01 carat vivid blue, step cut diamond with a clarity of VS1 that was estimated at between $4.3 and $6.3 million. Surprisingly, there were no takers, which means this remarkable ring is still waiting to be snapped up!

Neptune is Raining Diamonds
Scientists have discovered that it’s more than likely that planets such as Uranus and Neptune are literally raining diamonds. The intense pressure and heat that lies deep beneath these icy planet’s surfaces could cause hydrocarbon compounds to split, compressing carbon into diamond rain.

Cardi B and Kylie Jenner Buy Their Kids Diamonds
What do you buy the child who has everything? Diamonds, of course! Celebrities including Kylie Jenner and Cardi B have both been reported to have bought their daughters diamond jewellery when they were as young as one year old.

Just One Engagement Ring Isn’t Enough For Victoria Beckham
For most people, an engagement ring is a special token of our love that only requires one purchase. But Victoria Beckham has a huge collection of diamond engagement rings that’s recently been valued at a whopping £700 million, making hers one of the most expensive jewellery boxes in history. David originally proposed back in 1998 with a 3 carat marquise cut diamond then valued at £65,000. But since then, he’s added to her collection with a new ring almost every year!

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She’s renowned for classic luxury, so the Gliese seems like the perfect piece for fans of Mrs Beckham. Understated and elegant, this timeless ring features a sparkling diamond secured by a six claw clasp on an 18ct white gold band. You can buy the gorgeous Gliese ring here

As a big fan of Dubai, we think Posh would love the Lysithea, a stunning ring inspired by our world famous architecture. Featuring a breathtaking teardrop shaped diamond surrounded by a sparkling halo of white gold diamonds and two extra layers of diamonds on its shoulders, this is a truly unique piece that’s worthy of everyone’s favourite WAG’s fingers. Check it out here.

As a fashion icon and designer, we know how Victoria loves to wear Instagrammable pieces. The amazing Ophiuchus ring is the ultimate head turner, and one of our most contemporary designs, featuring a totally unique formation of diamonds set on a rose gold band. See this incredible diamond ring here

That’s it for now, but we’ll be back soon with more news about all things diamonds, so watch this space. And of course, if you’re looking for your very own perfect item of diamond jewellery there’s nobody better to ask.

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