Buying Jewellery Online vs. Visiting a Physical Retailer

Buying an expensive item of jewellery is an important decision that can take a while. Whereas historically this has always involved visiting a bricks and mortar jewellery shop, consumers now have the option to purchase diamond jewellery online. But is it safe? And how do you know you’re choosing the best piece if you can’t see it physically first?

In this article we’ll take a look at why so many people are choosing to buy jewellery online and how it’s a lot safer than you may think.

Buying jewellery online, rather than in a physical store, has a lot of benefits. Here are just a few:

  • More Choice

This is a huge plus point that has converted countless diamond jewellery enthusiasts into online shoppers. While there’s always going to be a limit to how much stock a physical store can hold, the sky’s the limit when it comes to shopping online. You’ll have the opportunity to browse from hundreds, if not thousands, of items in the comfort of your own home, many of which are much more unusual than you could expect to find in a shop.

  • Convenience

The ability to shop online is enormously attractive to busy people, with over 1.8 billion of us now choosing to make purchases online. Now there is no pressure to finish work on time and make it to the jewellery shop – instead you can take your time and browse thousands of items from anywhere in the world.

  • Safety 

The Covid-19 pandemic has completely turned our lives upside down, keeping people all over the world locked in their homes. Venturing outside has been subject to strict regulations, and even with countries easing their lockdown measures it’s still become the norm to see shoppers wearing face masks for protection. For many, shopping online has become the only way to access goods, and even when the pandemic is over they will continue to do so, even for luxury items. So, buying jewellery online isn’t just convenient, it’s safer too.

  • Security

One of the concerns that people have about buying expensive items online is security – how do they know their money is safe and their payment details won’t be compromised? A good online retailer will only use secure payments systems so you can rest assured that your money is in safe hands. In fact, buying online can be less of a risk. Carrying a diamond ring around in your pocket or briefcase – even for a few minutes – can be dangerous, especially if you’re travelling on public transport. With online shopping, you’ll have the box delivered to your door by a trusted courier so you won’t have to worry about being mugged or losing  your valuable item when you’re out.

  • Value

A major pro of shopping online is that it’s much more affordable, because retailers don’t have to pay expensive shop rental fees. This cost saving means consumers have access to goods at a much cheaper price, even luxury items such as diamond jewellery. Buying online from a Dubai retailer is even more cost effective because it’s a tax free zone, giving you even more options to find a great bargain.

  • Time

Buying from a bricks and mortar shop means you’ll be restricted to certain opening times that may not work for your schedule. With online shopping, you can take your time and browse at your leisure, with no restrictions on the time of day you make your purchase.

  • More control

Pushy salespeople can be very challenging to deal with. They are trained to make people close on deals, even if they’re not completely sure that the item is right for them. With online shopping there’s nobody trying to manipulate you into making a purchase, so you won’t be pressured into making the wrong decision.

  • Quality

Shopping online isn’t what it used to be. Whereas old fashioned websites used to have difficulty to navigate pages, limited information and poor images, modern sites are easy to use and clearly show the items that are available. With clear images you will be able to see the quality of the jewellery you’re considering, as well as confirmation of their certification. This is particularly important when it comes to buying jewellery, which should always have an accompanying certificate of quality and authenticity.

  • Advice

It’s easy to assume that buying online means you won’t have access to the expert advice you can expect in a physical shop. While that’s certainly true with many items, it shouldn’t be the case when it comes to buying quality jewellery. Online retailers of precious diamond rings and other jewellery are still available to answer your questions and help you choose from the range of products available. All you have to do is email, and you should have a quick reply. In many cases retailers of luxury jewellery will also be happy to arrange a call or Skype/Zoom meeting to discuss your needs in more detail, so don’t worry about losing that all important human touch.

  • Free Worldwide Delivery

You could be forgiven for thinking that buying luxury jewellery online means you’ll have to pay huge shipping fees, but this is not the case. Many online diamond retailers deliver to customers all over the world free of charge, so don’t let worries about delivery costs put you off.

Here at Dubai Sparkle we understand that buying diamond jewellery is a big investment, so we are always on hand to help you make the right decision. Every piece of jewellery in our online store comes with a diamond certificate and manufacturer warranty, delivered securely for free to customers all around the world.

Our dedicated team of experts are available to discuss your specific needs in detail and advise you on the most suitable items for your chosen style, size and budget.  Our headquarters are situated next to the globally renowned Burj Khalifa, and as we operate online we are able to offer a huge choice of truly stunning diamonds at a fraction of the price of traditional bricks and mortar jewellery shops.

Dubai is widely recognised as one of the very best places to buy diamond jewellery, and we have made it our mission to make this as user friendly and accessible as possible. We may be online, but our customer service is unparalleled, so you can still expect the expert, friendly advice you have come to expect from a traditional bricks and mortar store.

Contact us today or peruse our exceptional range of diamond jewellery online now.

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