Our aim is to create the highest quality affordable diamond jewellery at exceptional value for money

Dubai is a city which is synonymous with high quality, handcrafted affordable diamond jewellery. The quality of its jewellery attracts tourists from all over the world.

Dubai Sparkle is an online jewellery store which has been created to make the beauty and wonder of diamond jewellery accessible to everyone.

Our team have a passion for handcrafted diamond engagement rings, wedding rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces. We’ve combined this love of design with a hand picked selection of talented artisans who are masters of their craft.

This enables us to sell our jewellery at significant discounts when compared to retailers.  We truly believe that everyone should be able to enjoy diamond jewellery

Our customers will find a varied selection of handcrafted art in this centre of jewellery, including engagement rings, wedding rings, bracelets and necklaces among others.

If there is one thing you will take away from Dubai Sparkle, it is the zeal and enthusiasm on display for authentic and beautiful jewellery. What’s more, we want to get one particular message across loud and clear:


The luxury on display at Dubai Sparkle is available at much more affordable prices than at high street retail shops. Visit our store and experience the glimmer of the Burj Khalifa, the glamour of the Palm Islands or the glistening of light dancing through the spectacular Dubai Fountain – each represented by intricately designed yet reasonably priced ornaments.